Is Meshery available on Virtual Machines

Is meshery operational on virtual machine ?
(on ubuntu system or any other supported system)

Yes, its operable on Virtual Machines too.
Oracle VM Virtual Box, VM Ware and other VMs/providers also work :100:

Few other things I thought would be helpfulfor you to know about,

  • Works on Cloud Based as well as Local based VMs also.
  • If your PC supports multiple VMs running simultaneously and can handle the capacity, it can even run or two VMs at once.
  • You can also containerize the application.

If you run it on a Guest OS, having host as Win or Mac, If Host is using/running power hungry processes, I would say the below image would be the best description for that :slight_smile:


Thank you !!
I’m using virtualbox but its showing error ie.
cannot query the kubernetes API

I love the picture, the description fits perfectly.


@Siddharth_Rai, here’s a link to the error code reference. Note that mesheryctl system start looks to your local user’s folder for a copy of your kubeconfig (at ~/.kube/config) and uses that configuration to connect Meshery with Kubernetes.

Depending upon which you Kubernetes platform it is that you’re using, you might need to run mesheryctl system config <k8s-platform-type> in order to prepare your kubeconfig for use. See Supported Platforms for more details.

@hexxdump @piyushsingariya has the requirement for an available kubeconfig been removed for Docker-based deployments?

It will be removed very soon. Probably at the start of next week!

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