Introduction, Layer5 Starting Point, LFX Mentorship, Seeking Advice

Hi, I’m Saif!

I’m currently from Pakistan, going into my final year at FAST NUCES, Karachi, majoring in Computer Science. My technical expertise currently lies with Data Science, Backend Engineering, a little bit of Frontend design here and there, some dealings with DevOps tools such as Docker, K8s, Docker Compose, Git, GitHub Actions, and Azure Pipelines. As of right now, I’m fixated on developing skills for Cloud/DevOps/Networking and System Administration. I would like to get deep into Site Reliability Engineering/Production Engineering, and maybe even pursue DevSecOps.

I am currently an Open Source MLH fellow, working at Mapillary, a project under Facebook Reality Labs, in a team that is designing an SDK for Mapillary’s latest APIv4 release.

In an exploration of Open Source projects, I came across LFX Mentorship, and thus Meshery, which seems like the kind of project that I would like to be a part of heavily and contribute to. I’m very happy to be a future potential heavy contributor and join in on both the community and technical area as much as feasibly I can.

For my soft skills, I would say like I to dig deep into projects and share ideas with teammates, collaborating and asking for feedback on my contributions, sharing ideas and “what ifs”, and “hows”. Teamwork is a strong factor for me - I don’t believe projects go anywhere when only a single person is working on them.

For my technical skills, I’m versed well in Python, JavaScript, C#, and C/CPP (if it helps).

I’ve taken some time to apply for the Meshery program, but I haven’t been able to make PRs get more involved with the community. I’ve joined the Slack channel, but sadly, the timings are not really suitable as at the same timing, even though Anita has asked and welcomed me many times, is in conflict with the standup meeting I have for MLH. I have gone through some of Meshery’s videos on Lee’s advice to get more in pace with the project.

Where would you say I start from Progress might be slow for me, but for me, it’s progress nevertheless!

You can connect with me on GitHub, and on LinkedIn

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Hello Saif,

It’s good to see you have a keen interest to contribute to the community,
Since you are having a conflict of time making it to the meeting, you can look through the Youtube playlist. Most of the meeting recordings are on there.

Also, you can look through the project overview and explore our repositories.


@Rubix982 what a great introduction. Thanks for helping others in the community get acquainted with you. With respect to internships, here are a set of FAQs that should be helpful - Be tenacious. :muscle:

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