GitHub wf issue during pull request

Hello Team,
I am getting few notification regarding the GitHub wf failure from meshery repo , not sure if anyone else has noticed this .

Can you please be kind to explain it.


Great question. This particular workflow fails due to the Meshery GitHub org setting of disallowing secrets to be available to workflows running in repo forks.

Using this workflow as an example, The logic behind this allowing secrets to be available to forks is to avoid accidental releases of Meshery to be made from a fork. Lack of access to the secret in this case for credentials to the Docker Hub organization in which Meshery container images are published, avoids such a mishap.

@DelusionalOptimist, Quite likely, we can improve the conditional logic in these workflows to avoid workflow error, while still preventing the accident release.


Thanks for raising this @samirparhi-dev . Those failing workflows do look annoying :frowning_face:.

Like @Lee suggested, we can skip running some of those workflows by adding some conditions to them and consequently preventing them from failing due to errors.
I’ve created [CI] Skipping workflow runs on forks · Issue #3429 · meshery/meshery · GitHub to track this : )

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