Error while setting meshery UI

After UI deployment was trying to run make server command getting error, even if I have go1.17.8 version .

What OS and shell environment are you using?

Following were update needed to be done to get rid of error:

  1. Uninstalled latest version of go(19) and installed specific that is go1.17.8.
  2. I don’t know is it temporary solution but it worked then in go.mod file under server function removed $(goversion) .
  3. And it worked for me.

Make sure that you have go1.17.8 as a binary on your system. If which go1.17.8 doesn’t successfully return on your system, then you don’t have the binary or don’t have it in your path.

Removing $goversion is not recommended and may cause your PRs to fail to the build workflows. // @Harshit_Dandriyal

Got it @Lee ! I will make sure for it. Thank you letting me know.

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