Error running Mesheryctl on Windows

Hello folks , just have some issues here, i have error in running mesheryctl on my windows machine this is the error message it gives below

": could not install meshery server: looks like “Meshery Chart | Meshery” is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: Get “”: read tcp> wsarecv: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

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It would be surprising if this was a Windows-specific issue. It seems that the network connection between your machine and the Meshery Helm chart repo on GitHub timed out. I wonder what results you would have if you were to try again. Are you able to access from your browser (or better yet, from curl or wget where you are running mesheryctl)?

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@Philip-21 is this was the crux of your issue, please mark it as the Solution. If not, let me know what trouble it is that you’re still experiencing.

@Philip-21 what lee suggested helped? if yes, please mark it as the solution and don’t hesitate to ask for help again.

Sorry for the late response , i tried it again it gave me the same error , but i was able to access my index.yml on my browser it contained the same items as the index.yml you sent . I also checked the config file in my .meshery directory , these were the configurations i found
> contexts:
> * local:*
> * endpoint: http://localhost:9081*
> * token: default*
> * platform: kubernetes*
> * components:*
> * - meshery-app-mesh*
> * - meshery-istio*
> * - meshery-linkerd*
> * - meshery-consul*
> * - meshery-nsm*
> * - meshery-kuma*
> * - meshery-osm*
> * - meshery-traefik-mesh*
> * - meshery-nginx-sm*
> * - meshery-cilium*
> * channel: stable*
> * version: latest*
> * provider: Meshery*
> current-context: local
> tokens:
> * - name: default*
> * location: auth.json*
It seems maybe its my network connection ,
Because these were the steps i followed ,

  • i had my docker desktop running and i logged in successfully on the meshery extension
  • i ran minikube on my command line to start a cluster
  • i ran mesheryctl system start
    still i got the same error message. But i noticed from the logs below ,I feel it seems to be a network connection problem from my part
    looks like “Meshery Chart | Meshery” is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: read tcp> wsarecv: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
    Maybe someone else can try running it on their windows machine .

@Philip-21 try upgrading your version of mesheryctl.

@Lee it upgraded successfully but when i ran mesheryctl system start , it gave this message
Starting Meshery…
⢿ Deploying Meshery on KubernetesError: failed to start Meshery
See mesheryctl-system | Meshery for usage details
: could not install meshery server: Kubernetes cluster unreachable: Get “”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
could not install meshery-operator: Kubernetes cluster unreachable: Get “”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
i also ran > mesheryctl --config "C:\Users\USER.kube\config"
to configure mesheryctl whilst having minikube, mesheryctl and kubectl being updated
but it still gives the same error message . I have been on it for hours trying to figure things out :disappointed:

@Philip-21 you might try the following in your kubeconfig. Under cluster: for your minikube cluster:

  1. Remove the certificate-authority-data entry.
  2. Add an entry for insecure-skip-tls-verify: true.

Try mesheryctl system start, mesheryctl system dashboard.

mesheryctl system check --preflight is also fairly handy.

If these don’t get you there, you can run mesheryctl system config minikube.

Yay it worked @Lee :smiley:, thanks so much these options really gave me an idea on how to solve it , i tried removing the certificate-authority-data entry but it didnt work so i decided to add the minikube token to the certificate-authority-data entry,
I ran the command
kubectl config view --raw --minify --flatten -o jsonpath=‘{.clusters[].cluster.certificate-authority-data}’ to get the certificate authority for minikube , so mesheryctl is running and its finally deployed on kuberentes.

But noticed something @Lee
when mesheryctl is running i am redirected to the page http://localhost:31241/, but i get the message that says site cannot be reached. and again ,

when i run mesheryctl system login it gives this message
*authentication failed: Unable to reach Meshery server at http://localhost:31241. Verify your environment's readiness for a Meshery deployment by running mesheryctl system check.*

on running mesheryctl system check evrything seemed fine


✓ Docker is running
✓ docker-compose is available

Kubernetes API

✓ can initialize Kubernetes client
✓ can query the Kubernetes API

Kubernetes Version

✓ running the minimum Kubernetes version
✓ running the minimum kubectl version

Meshery Version

!! failed to check Meshery Server version. try starting Meshery with mesheryctl system start
✓ CLI is up-to-date (stable-v0.6.108)

I am only able to authenticate successfully on the meshery docker extension

In these instances, what does mesheryctl system dashboard return?

Sorry for the late reply @Lee
mesheryctl system dashboard
Opening Meshery (http://localhost:31241) in browser.
It opens my browser and shows site can’t be reached running on http://localhost:31241/

Confirm that Meshery is running mesheryctl system status. Confirm that Meshery Server service is exposed external to your cluster.

here it is

PS C:\Users\USER> mesheryctl system status
NAME                    READY   STATUS  RESTARTS        AGE
meshery-app             1/1     Running 1               198h33m24s
meshery                 0/0     Running 0               198h33m24s
meshery-broker          2/2     Running 3               186h2m0s
meshery-cilium          0/0     Running 2               198h33m24s
meshery-consul          0/0     Running 1               198h33m24s
meshery-istio           1/1     Running 3               198h33m24s
meshery-kuma            0/0     Running 2               198h33m24s
meshery-linkerd         0/0     Running 1               198h33m24s
meshery-meshsync        0/0     Pending 0               186h2m0s
meshery-nginx           1/1     Running 0               198h33m24s
meshery-nsm             0/0     Running 1               198h33m24s
meshery-operator        0/0     Running 1               198h33m13s
meshery-osm             0/0     Running 1               198h33m24s
meshery-traefik         0/0     Running 0               198h33m24s

Meshery Server isn’t running.