Doubt: Related to issue - (#2479) Add Patterns Badge to the Members page filter

Repository: layer5io/layer5
Going through the file system that is being followed in the file members.js i think we would need to create a folder named as Patterns in /assets/images & then the .svg image (logo) for the Patterns badge inside that, so that we can import & use it in the main js file.

Is this what the right approach would look like? Actually I just have a basic knowledge of Js, so by understanding the file system through the code, came upon this conclusion

Answered by @Yash_Kamboj in the GH discussion on the issue itself!
Thank you

@kunalverma you’re right. We don’t have the Service Mesh Patterns icon under assets yet. It’s available in our Brand Kit. It’ll be helpful if you add it in there. Following this, you can import and move forward as @Yash_Kamboj suggested.

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@Debopriya I was about to ask for the Service Mesh Patterns icon in the slack channel
Thank you so much for sharing here itself! :slightly_smiling_face: