Can't select provider for meshery UI

I am trying to setup meshery UI. But I can’t select any provider.

If I select “None”, then I see a blank white page.
I am using Gitpod.

WARN[0319] unable to find session for user with id: meshery. 
WARN[0319] failed to generate in cluster context:       
WARN[0319] failed to find kubernetes context 

@itsrakesh thanks for asking this question. I don’t know that any contributor has used Meshery in Gitpod, yet. I’ll tag a couple of community members that might want to dig into this with you. // @Nikhil_Ladha @MarioArriaga92 @Xin_Huang

Well @itsrakesh i have found that in gitpod you dont get the option to use meshery as provider, though you can get it if you set up locally.

PS: there are more problems with gitpod so I avoided using it.

@Lee @Kamal.Singh Are these providers “Disabled” by default or am I missing something here. I get the exact drop down.