Building the server in the local

Hey folks!
I had forked and clone the meshery repo. Can anyone guide me on how to build the meshery server.
I read the documentation but and installed make for my windows system but while running ‘make server’ or ‘make ui-setup’ it is throwing the error “The system can not find the path specified” and for make server it is throwing error as “unknown option max-count=1’”.

@mpratham216 see the two docs linked in this issue - [Docs] Publish Windows contributor docs for Meshery Server and Meshery UI · Issue #7151 · meshery/meshery · GitHub

Hey, read the Docs and installed the prerequisites successfully, followed all the steps but still facing some issues :slightly_frowning_face:
When performing ‘make ui-setup’ as per this documentation
while performing make ui-setup getting : "/usr/bin/env: ‘bash\r’: No such directory found.
While performing ‘make setup-ui’ as per this documentation getting:
“make: *** No rule to make target ‘setup-ui’. Stop.”

On a good note - I was able to run the server successfully without the ui. :partying_face:

That is positive. :slightly_smiling_face: The supported target is make ui-setup. If you are seeing this command, inverted, that documentation needs to be updated. Please confirm your cell type. If you are using powershell, don’t. :wink:

All done with running the server in local :partying_face: Thankyou @Lee and @discuss for the help looking forward to contribute.

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@mpratham216 and @Lee i got rid of previous error but stuck with this
$ make server

fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.
cd server; cd cmd; go mod tidy; \
BUILD="" \
PORT=9081 \
DEBUG=true \
ADAPTER_URLS="localhost:10000 localhost:10001 localhost:10002 localhost:10004 localhost:10005 localhost:10006 localhost:10007 localhost:10009 localhost:10010 localhost:10012" \
APP_PATH="./apps.json" \
go run main.go error.go;

Read this Documentation download all the prerequisites for your wsl as well in case if you are using windows. Make sure you build the ui after setting it up using 'make ui-build '.

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