Bug in MesheryPlayground production website in Deploying and Removing Adapters

When I remove an adapter, it is removed , but when I refresh the page, it is back again. Also, upon deploying an adapter I only get the toast Adapter Deploying and no other way to know the state of deployment and If I refresh the page the adapter is not deployed.

@Faisal-imtiyaz123, you’re right that this is sub-optimal and in need of some work. To get this fixed will take a bit of Golang and React. If you’re up to the full stack-challenge, I encourage you to go after this area and improve it. If you’re just shy of being comfortable directly attacking this area, at minimum, I encourage you to raise a GitHub issue, so that another contributor might pick it up and you might shadow / collaborate with them to see that other users don’t run into the same conundrum (or, I should say, bug) that you have here.

I was working on the table Misalignment issue and had to deploy an adapter, there I encountered this issue. I would certainly like to solve the issue.