[5th January 2023/13th January 2023] Meshery Build & Release Meeting Minutes

Standing Agenda Item - [Ashish] Meshery Test Plan

  • [Ashish] Failing tests in Meshery Istio adapter.

    • Callout for workflow to update metadata.json in adapters
    • Callout for propagation
      • Lowercasing and adding model name
  • [Subedy] Workflow to update Discussion files failing.

  • [Ashish/Aditya] Meshery Test Plan is in the template for CI issues.

  • [Alberto] Discussion around discrepancies across Github actions in adapters

  • [Ruturaj] Modifying component updater workflow for meshery.io site #6838

  • [Siddhi] Changed path in workflow #531

  • Tweet workflows

  • Discussions data files updateDeepak Dinesh’s workflow #6832

  • Meshery Integrations Google spreadsheet CSV sharing ID changes? If so, under what circumstances?

  • [Gopi] Externalizing the config #529

  • [Hamza] Failing linkerd sample app test

    • Remove traits object from install linkerd pattern file.
    • Make a PR on SMP repo to add this pattern file and reference it from SMP in the workflow file.

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